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Portland Services Morocco Sarl is a specialist firm of Offshore Management Consultants employing the services of highly skilled lawyers, tax specialists and company formation agents.

Portland Services Morocco Sarl. offers you the many advantages of operating in a tax free environment through the proper use of offshore entities. It is well known that offshore companies can be used to minimise tax liabilities. It is less commonly known that unless properly set up and managed an offshore company can lead directly to trouble with the Revenue Authority.

Most offshore companies are sold with limited advice and little or no after sales service, the only communication being a once a year demand for fees to cover statutory and nominee duties.

These companies achieve their objective by good luck rather than design. In fact many owners of offshore companies operate in breach of the laws of their home country. “Brass plate” companies, where their presence is merely a file with statutory information held in the office of a lawyer or company formation agent, are insufficient to satisfy the tax authorities of the home country. This is particularly the case for trading operations, whether triangular trading (against which there is specific transfer pricing legislation) or otherwise.

It is also important to choose the right offshore jurisdiction. Most have introduced legislation to help combat money laundering from serious crime but many have included fiscal offences, particularly tax evasion and will co-operate with foreign authorities.

In addition to mitigating taxes, we organise various structures suitable for asset protection and the sheltering of potential death duties.

We also have a fully staffed office in the Tangier Free Zone.

Following a confidential appraisal, the needs of each client are individually assessed and a suitable structure is then suggested, together with the method of functional administrative management and the cost thereof.

We can also organise the opening of a bank account in the name of the offshore company without over excessive due diligence. Most of the banking is with the offshore banks situated at the Tangier Free Zone.

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